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../code/number.cls/var/www/html/ooRexx/wip #!/usr/bin/env rexx /* ---------------------------------------------------------------- */ /* Number class, a subclass of the String class */ /* Values can be any valid number. */ /* */ /* All arithmetic methods need to be defined here, because */ /* the result of the operation should be another object of */ /* the Number class, and the result of the String class operators */ /* always is a String class object. */ /* */ /* Note that subclasses of the Number class will yield results */ /* that belong to that particular receiver subclass. */ /* */ /* NOTE: Requieres oorexx 4.0 or later */ /* ---------------------------------------------------------------- */ /* */ /* Originally by Ruurd J. Idenburg */ /* */ /* No copyright, no licence, no guarantees or warrantees, be it */ /* explicit, implicit or whatever. Usage is totally and completely */ /* at the users own risk, the author shall not be liable for any */ /* damages whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever. */ /* */ /* Please keep this comment block intact when modifying this code */ /* and add a note with date and a description. */ /* */ /* ---------------------------------------------------------------- */ /* 2020/03/05 - Initial version approximately (RJI) */ /* 2022/02/14 - Support prefix + and - using forward to super (RJI) */ /* 2022/02/15 - 'UNKNOWN method to handle all .number methods (RJI) */ /* ---------------------------------------------------------------- */ ::class number public subclass string ::attribute methods class private ::attribute calculationResult private ::method activate class -- all (hopefully) String methods that should result in .number instance self~methods = ('+','-','/','*','%','//','**', - abs,ceiling,floor,format,max,min,modulo,round,trunc) -- remove them from method lookup chain, setting method objects to .nil unknownMethods = .StringTable~new do method over self~methods unknownMethods[method] = .nil end -- make the methods unavailable so we can trap them in our UNKNOWN method self~defineMethods(unknownMethods) ::method init self~init:super if (self)~datatype\='NUM' then do -- if self is not a number raise syntax 93.904 array(1,self) -- then raise an error and quit end ::method unknown use arg method, args -- if not a .String instance method return the nil object (.nil) if ''~instanceMethod(method)~isNil then return .nil -- pass the method and arguments to the superclass and wait for the result forward class(super) message (method) arguments (args) continue -- keep the result self~calculationResult = result -- if not an arithmetic operator/method return the result .String object if \self~class~methods~allItems~hasItem(method) then do return self~calculationResult end -- create an new .number instance as the result of the arithmetic operation return self~class~new(self~calculationResult)
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